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January 27, 2021 – Just before midnight, the abortion-banning “ruling” of Polish Constitutional Tribunal was published in Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland. As of this day, abortion is illegal in Poland, with exceptions of the pregnancy being a result of rape or incest, or a threat to the woman’s life or health. Poland has already had one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world. The now-removed premise of Polish abortion READ MORE

ordo iuris_cultural and religious counterrevolution

Report “Cultural and Religious Counterrevolution – Is Polish Law under the Threat of Christian Fundamentalists’ Ideology?”

As a member of the Great Coalition for Equality and Choice  we proudly present the English summary of the Coalition’s report about the Institute for Legal Culture Ordo Iuris, which has been fostering  cultural and religious counterrevolution in Poland and beyond. The publication is the civil society’s response to the growing sphere of activities and political impact of the Institute. It identifies and exposes the activities and strategies of Ordo Iuris. The authors sought to READ MORE

annual_report-2019_Federation for Women and family Planning


A lot happened in various areas of reproductive health in 2019, even though we did not witness mass protest in the face of antiabortion backlash. It was a busy year for the Federation. We addressed the problem of the lack of access to guaranteed reproductive health services, as well as the abuse of patient’s rights and the conscience clause. We supported protests against the sexuality education witch-hunt. To spread know-how and empowerment, we launched a READ MORE

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International Safe Abortion Day 2019 in Poland

This theme for 28th September 2019 is “Abortion is Healthcare” with the tagline “My Right to Decide!” and hashtag #MyAbortionMyHealth. In The Federation we have always seen abortion as a matter of health, self-determination, freedom and democracy. Therefore, our input to the celebration of September, 28 is the photo contest and exhibition entitled “Abortion. Poland. 21st century”. We have decided to organise the photo competition in order to use art as means of reflection on READ MORE


Joint statement on the outcome of the 41st session of the Human Rights Council

“Critical gains despite backlash”, reads a joint statement by the Center for Reproductive Rights, the Sexual Rights Initiative, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, Plan International, Choice for Youth and Sexuality, Arrow, the Coalition of African Lesbians, the Federation for Women and Family Planning, IPPF, RFSU and AWID on the outcome of the 41st session of the Human Rights Council. Download in a PDF file Despite concerted opposition by some States and anti-rights organizations READ MORE


Poland criticized by the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers

The Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers has expressed serious concern about Poland’s longstanding failure to ensure that women and girls in Poland can access legal abortion care in practice. In a very important decision the Committee of Ministers has urged Poland to implement three landmark judgments on women’s access to abortion from the European Court of Human Rights and give effect to women’s entitlements to abortion under Polish law. On foot of Poland’s failures, READ MORE


Fighting drastic anti-choice banners. Case study: Poland

The anti-choice organizations in Poland are becoming more and more visible in the public sphere with their drastic images which instrumentalize dismembered fetuses to distort the truth about abortion. The Right to Life Foundation has been presenting its manipulative exhibition since 2005, but it was not until the elections in 2015 that they could extend its scope of action. The Right to Life Foundation and The Life and Family Foundation were given a green light READ MORE


Annual report 2018

The year 2018 brought new barriers in access to reproductive health services, but also further consolidation of social forces against backlash and attacks on the fundamental rights of women and various disadvantaged groups. The beginning of the year was a blow to the pro-choice community, which had to witness the mediocre parliamentary debate on two civic draft bills – the progressive and comprehensive “Save Women” and the barbaric “Stop Abortion”. The embarrassing discussion and the READ MORE


“Abortion is part of our lives”. International Safe Abortion Day 2018 in Poland

September 28 is a globally recognized day that frames campaign activities undertaken by advocates around the world to strengthen an international movement for legal and safe abortion. This year, WGNRR, the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion, Ipas Alliance, Campaña 28 de Septiembre LAC and many more partners and allies are joining efforts and launching a united theme “Normalizing abortion: It’s part of our lives”. The Federation for Women and Family Planning always READ MORE


Barbarian anti-abortion bill back in the fundamentalists’ game. Reactions

Fundamentalists led by activist Kaja Godek forced the Social Policy and Family Committee to debate the repressive “Stop abortion” bill  on Monday (2.07.2018) at 4 pm. Let us recall that this draft law would penalize abortions in case of foetal impairment, which now make up 95% of all legal abortions performed in the Polish hospitals. This decision comes as a surprise, because the committee declared not to deal with this draft law in the foreseeable READ MORE


Great mobilization on #BlackFriday

March 23 is yet another historic moment in the Polish history. Renewed attempt to ban abortion in case of foetal impairment have brought almost 90 000 people to the streets of Warsaw, not to mention other 23 cities in Poland and 13 abroad. How did it start? On the March, 14 the Polish Episcopal Conference appealed for the “Stop abortion” bill to be proceeded. A day later, the Head of the Committee on Justice and READ MORE


Concerted attack of the Polish fundamentalists & reactions (in Poland and abroad)

Since 2015 when the Law and Justice Party has come to power, atmosphere around women’s rights and freedoms, including the right to abortion, is very tense. In January 2018, the MP referred a draft law banning abortion in case of foetal impairment to the committee for a further discussion. Following massive protests, the decision makers seemed to put “Stop abortion” into “a legislative freezer”.  The anti-choice group continued to put pressure on the politicians with READ MORE


#25YearsOfWomen’sHell – 25th disgraceful anniversary of the Polish anti-abortion law

7th January 1993 Act on Family Planning, Human Embryo Protection and Conditions of Legal Pregnancy Termination (later: the Act) has had a detrimental effect on women’s reproductive and sexual health and rights  for 25 years. Due to the anniversary and upcoming debates about two abortion-related citizens’ bills[1] in the Parliament, the Federation for Women and Family Planning has launched  the  #25YearsOfWomen’sHell campaign so as to illustrate  the  fictional character of the Act and its multiple READ MORE


“Save Women” bill with 500 000 signatures submitted to the Polish Parliament

On October, 23 the “Save Women” Civic Committee has tabled almost 500 000 signatures collected under the bill on women’s rights and conscious parenthood. The lower chamber has now three months to initiate debate on the draft legislation. It is on the ruling party if it will be sent to further proceeding – as promised in the election campaign, or if it will be rejected – as the practice up to now shows.   The READ MORE



The stories in this volume describe contemporary Poland mostly from the perspective of medium-size cities and small towns. The authors, one of whom is a man, present the moment when they questioned the ordinary scheme of everyday life, the moment when the personal became political. Rebellion was born. Poland as seen by the contributors to this book is, above all, a land of hypocrisy. The Black Protest was a unique time when this hypocrisy was READ MORE


“Save Women” Civic Commitee finally established!

The situation of women’s rights in Poland continues to deteriorate. In the recent months we have witnessed few attempts to further restrictions the current law on abortion. At this moment there are three legal initiatives aimed to ban abortion due to fetal malformation: civic initiative undertaken by fanatic anti abortion organization willing to propose a draft seeking to limit an access to abortion services, draft legislation submitted by a group of 100 right wing MPs READ MORE