For many years the Federation has been actively promoting knowledge on health and sexual and reproductive rights. We organize trainings, workshops and meetings for various professional groups, students, and persons actively fighting for human rights.

Educational activities targeted at teenagers are realized by the Ponton Group, an informal group of volunteers active in the field of sexuality education and youth counselling on puberty, contraception and reproductive health.

The Federation commonly organizes and co-organizes demonstrations, protestations, pickets, and happenings that were attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

The Federation has been continuously building messages based on  human rights values and medical knowledge. In our campaigns we try to break the taboos of abortion, contraception, and sexual education by educating in the field of patient’s rights, enhancing the awareness of Polish women and men on the issue of conscious parenthood, spreading knowledge on the methods of contraception, creating space for a discussion on the access to abortion, and searching for a visual messenger for the issues we deal with.


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