About Us

The Foundation for Women and Family Planning FEDERA (previously the Federation) is a non-governmental organization fighting for reproductive health and rights. It was established in 1991 as a result of an agreement of five organizations – the League of Polish Women, the Polish Feminist Association, the Pro Femina Association, the Association for Ideologically Neutral State “Neutrum”, and the Association of Christian Girls and Women YWCA Poland. In 1999 the Federation was awarded the Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC).

We have been actively fighting for equal opportunities for men and women for over 30 years, protecting the right to conscious parenthood, which includes:

  • access to contraception,
  • comprehensive and evidence-based education about human sexuality,
  • right to high quality prenatal diagnostics and fetal care,
  • right to legal and safe abortion,
  • improvement of the quality of medical care of girls and women in terms of reproductive health, including the access to family planning services , fertility treatment, and the prevention of gynecological illnesses,
  • respecting patient’s rights, including the right of women to privacy, confidentiality, dignity, and information,
  • adapting the state policies to international standards of reproductive health, i.a. through respecting the recommendations of the UN Human Rights Committee,
  • in special situations, we support women who assert their rights within the Polish or international system of justice.

Organizations within FEDERA:


FEDERA's mission is advocating for basic human rights, especially the right of women to decide freely whether and when to have children. In the Federation’s opinion, the possibility to enjoy this right is for women a condition of self-determination, as well as the condition of equalizing the life opportunities of women and men.

We are fulfilling our mission through:

  • Initiating and supporting activities focusing on women’s right to conscious motherhood,
  • Monitoring the state of reproductive rights,
  • Preparing reports on women’s health and reproductive rights,
  • Intervening in cases of women being refused access to medical services in the field of reproductive health,
  • Promoting knowledge about reproductive health,
  • Advocating for the access to adequate quality of reproductive and sexual health services,
  • Advocating for the restoration of women’s right to abortion,
  • Promoting knowledge about international mechanisms of human rights protection,
  • Applying to international human rights institutions with the aim of improving the state of human rights observance in Poland, including the right to health,
  • Media campaigns,
  • Publishing program.



PRESIDENT - Krystyna Kacpura

VICE-PRESIDENT - Kamila Ferenc

VICE-PRESIDENT - Urszula Grycuk


Anna Parzyńska

Małgorzata Księżopolska

Paulina Trojanowska

Aleksandra Solik

Ewa Pytka