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As a woman applying for international protection in Poland you have the right to the protection of reproductive health and associated medical services. Reproductive health means that you can decide if you want to have children and that you have the freedom to decide how many, as well as when and how often. It is also a comprehensive approach to a woman’s health at every stage of her life. We invite you to read our READ MORE

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Report “Cultural and Religious Counterrevolution – Is Polish Law under the Threat of Christian Fundamentalists’ Ideology?”

As a member of the Great Coalition for Equality and Choice  we proudly present the English summary of the Coalition’s report about the Institute for Legal Culture Ordo Iuris, which has been fostering  cultural and religious counterrevolution in Poland and beyond. The publication is the civil society’s response to the growing sphere of activities and political impact of the Institute. It identifies and exposes the activities and strategies of Ordo Iuris. The authors sought to READ MORE

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A lot happened in various areas of reproductive health in 2019, even though we did not witness mass protest in the face of antiabortion backlash. It was a busy year for the Federation. We addressed the problem of the lack of access to guaranteed reproductive health services, as well as the abuse of patient’s rights and the conscience clause. We supported protests against the sexuality education witch-hunt. To spread know-how and empowerment, we launched a READ MORE

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“Sexual and reproductive health and rights in Europe”

he Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action of 1995 is the most ambitious road map for the empowerment of women and girls everywhere. In 2020, it will be 25 years since the Beijing Platform for Action set strategic objectives and actions for the achievement of gender equality in 12 critical areas of concern. The Beijing+25 Regional Review Meeting provided a forum for UNECE member States to review progress and identify challenges in the implementation of the Beijing READ MORE


Annual report 2018

The year 2018 brought new barriers in access to reproductive health services, but also further consolidation of social forces against backlash and attacks on the fundamental rights of women and various disadvantaged groups. The beginning of the year was a blow to the pro-choice community, which had to witness the mediocre parliamentary debate on two civic draft bills – the progressive and comprehensive “Save Women” and the barbaric “Stop Abortion”. The embarrassing discussion and the READ MORE


“Sexual and reproductive health rights and the implication of conscientious objection”

We are delighted to present a new report on SRHR and the conscientious objection. This study was commissioned by the European Parliament’s Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs at the request of the FEMM Committee. It aims to provide a comparative overview of the situation in the European Union, in terms of access to sexual and reproductive healthcare goods (such as medicines) and services (such as abortion and family planning), from both legal READ MORE



The stories in this volume describe contemporary Poland mostly from the perspective of medium-size cities and small towns. The authors, one of whom is a man, present the moment when they questioned the ordinary scheme of everyday life, the moment when the personal became political. Rebellion was born. Poland as seen by the contributors to this book is, above all, a land of hypocrisy. The Black Protest was a unique time when this hypocrisy was READ MORE


“Reproductive Rights in Poland”

This report on the monitoring of reproductive rights in Poland was created in the framework of the project financed by the European Commission and realised by the Federation for Women and Family Planning, entitled Proactive monitoring of women’s reproductive rights as a part of human rights in Poland. The report provides a comprehensive overview of reproductive rights in Poland. It deals with the legal issues involved, and the analysis of the Polish legal regulations on READ MORE

20 years

“Twenty years of anti-abortion law in Poland”

The aim of this report is to draw attention to the failure in implementation and fictional character of the law remaining in force for over two decades. The law which contradicts the secular nature of a democratic state. “Twenty years of anti-abortion law in Poland” – report in PDF Twenty years is enough to provide an overview of social, legal and health impact of the Act. We will try to answer the question whether the READ MORE