The Federation for Women and Family Planning is a non-governmental organization established in 1991 to fight for sexual and reproductive health and rights. Together with the Federation’s Legal Assistance Team we monitor the access to abortion, contraception, and sexuality education.

In controlling the current situation, first and foremost we pay attention to the lack of implementation and therefore fictitious character of the 1993 Family Planning Act. As part of monitoring the observance of women’s sexual and reproductive rights in Poland, we keep track of changes to the relevant legals acts.

Since its establishment the Federation has used the tools of legal and advocacy interventions. Working for the right to conscious parenthood, we intervene in cases of women being refused access to reproductive and sexual health care services, and in special instances we support women who assert their rights in the frameworks of the Polish or the international system of justice.

We also advocate for the access to adequate quality reproductive and sexual health services and for the restoration of the women’s right to abortion.

As part of our legal and advocacy work we formulate positions on the legislative process, review the newly established acts, prepare commentaries to the introduced changes, and appeal to the authorities.

Additionally, the Federation’s Legal Team provides legal assistance in cases regarding reproductive and sexual rights, especially:

  • the realization of the right to legal abortion
  • the access to contraception
  • the access to prenatal testing
  • the patient’s rights (right to services, right to information, right to medical documentation, right to respect for privacy and dignity)
  • the faulty medical performance (doctors overusing the conscience clause, violating patient’s rights)
  • the infringement of personal rights in the health care system
  • the medical error- and medical incidents-related cases

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