Solidarity actions with the Polish women are remarkable and come literally from all parts of the world. Thank you so much for every voice of support coming our way. It means a lot to us!

Recently solidarity actions have been organized in Lithuania. During the conference held in Vilnius on Gender equality on 12-13 November 2020, 63 members of the European academic community expressed their strong support for the women’s rights protests in Poland. They declared “As those engaged in international projects supporting gender equality in research organizations and higher education institutions, we recognize gender equality and freedom of expression as preconditions for both democratic society and modern academia. Women rights are human rights.” Read the statement here.

Few days before, on 17 November when the Polish President visited Lithuania, a group of activists in Lithuania staged a demonstration ahead of the visit of Polish President Andrzej Duda in Vilnius. The civil society group behind the initiative, Women’s March LT (Moterų teisių judėjimas Lietuvoje), have addressed an open letter to the country’s political leaders, expressing “solidarity with Polish women”. Moreover, the group of over 20 Lithuanian NGOs and about 70 famous personalities – professors, doctors, film directors, actors, journalists, writers and human rights activists – expressed their support for Polish women and announced an official call “Regarding the violation of women’s human rights and the restrictions on reproductive rights in Poland”.

The public appeal was officially sent to The President of The Republic of Lithuania, The Prime Minister, The Speaker of the Parliament as well as the members of the Lithuanian Parliament with a clear request to support the protesting women in Poland asking to respect the human rights, to condemn the Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal’s decision, and women’s reproductive rights restrictions in Poland, and to claim for an even better respect of women’s reproductive rights in Lithuania.