On International Safe Abortion Day, the Foundation for Women and Family Planning (FEDERA) is appealing to psychiatrists. We know that many of you are convinced that the risk to the mental health of a pregnant woman is a precondition for an abortion, however the Polish Psychiatric Association is silent on the matter. The lack of an official position is a silent agreement women who have found themselves in a dramatic situation being ignored.

Remember that you have the right to issue a certificate if you see that the continuation of pregnancy threatens the health and life of a woman. Speak up and remind the medical community about the importance of mental health. Your voice is extremely important and has a chance to really change the situation of women.

We appreciate the doctors who have joined our support network and provide consultation for our patients. However, there are still not enough of you. We need your help and commitment. We want to know that we can count on you.

Dear psychiatrists: if you want to get involved and join support our network please contact FEDERA.