On International Safe Abortion Day, the Foundation for Women and Family Planning (FEDERA) is appealing to gynecologists: the health of pregnant women should be your priority.

Certificates from psychiatrists who firmly state that the pregnancy endangers the health or life of a given person are just as binding as the statements issued by a gynecologist. Passively watching the suffering of a pregnant person and their relatives is unacceptable. Saving a woman’s life and health, including mental health, should always come first. Since its introduction, the abortion act of law in Poland includes cases in which termination of pregnancy is allowed.  

We are your patients and we want to trust you. We want to feel safe under your care. This is hampered by the attitude of some gynecologists who over-interpret the already extremely restrictive law. In a situation where a woman presents all the required documents and meets the statutory conditions, you do not have to wait for the fetus to die. Don’t hesitate to act.

Dear gynecologists, do we really have to go abroad to protect our life and health? Answer our appeal and show us your support. We encourage gynecologists to cooperate with FEDERA, as we help pregnant people on a daily basis.