Following the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, millions of people, particularly women and children fled Ukraine and crossed the borders of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, other EU member states and Moldova. Thousands of them needed sexual and reproductive health and gender based violence support services, and thousands more may need these services in the future. Since June 2022, led by the Center for Reproductive Rights, FEDERA and Feminoteka are the two organisations from Poland READ MORE


For more than a decade, September 28 has been celebrated in many countries as the International Safe Abortion Day. The tradition of this day, however, goes back to 1990, when in South America this day served for advocacy campaigns on the decriminalization of abortion. The Federation for Women and Family Planning has been celebrating this special day from the very beginning as part of the international movement for legal and affordable abortion. World Safe Abortion READ MORE

SRHR in Poland during the Covid-19 pandemic – update on the worrying legislative “developments”

April 2020: Parliamentary debate on 2 legislative proposals quasi totally banning abortion and sexuality education In the midst of coronavirus pandemic, the Polish Sejm decided to proceed with the 1st reading of the two controversial legislatives proposals. The reading took place on 15-16 of April, while the free movement of persons and the freedom of assembly were gravely limited. Due to public health grounds protests against the bills could not happen on the streets. Both READ MORE

International Safe Abortion Day 2019 in Poland

This theme for 28th September 2019 is “Abortion is Healthcare” with the tagline “My Right to Decide!” and hashtag #MyAbortionMyHealth. In The Federation we have always seen abortion as a matter of health, self-determination, freedom and democracy. Therefore, our input to the celebration of September, 28 is the photo contest and exhibition entitled “Abortion. Poland. 21st century”. We have decided to organise the photo competition in order to use art as means of reflection on READ MORE

Fighting drastic anti-choice banners. Case study: Poland

The anti-choice organizations in Poland are becoming more and more visible in the public sphere with their drastic images which instrumentalize dismembered fetuses to distort the truth about abortion. The Right to Life Foundation has been presenting its manipulative exhibition since 2005, but it was not until the elections in 2015 that they could extend its scope of action. The Right to Life Foundation and The Life and Family Foundation were given a green light READ MORE

Great mobilization on #BlackFriday

March 23 is yet another historic moment in the Polish history. Renewed attempt to ban abortion in case of foetal impairment have brought almost 90 000 people to the streets of Warsaw, not to mention other 23 cities in Poland and 13 abroad. How did it start? On the March, 14 the Polish Episcopal Conference appealed for the “Stop abortion” bill to be proceeded. A day later, the Head of the Committee on Justice and READ MORE