“Save Women” Civic Commitee finally established!

The situation of women’s rights in Poland continues to deteriorate. In the recent months we have witnessed few attempts to further restrictions the current law on abortion. At this moment there are three legal initiatives aimed to ban abortion due to fetal malformation: civic initiative undertaken by fanatic anti abortion organization willing to propose a draft seeking to limit an access to abortion services, draft legislation submitted by a group of 100 right wing MPs and the Constitutional complaint regarding whether abortion due to fetal impairment is constitutional.

In opposition to these three anti abortion proposals, representatives of pro choice organizations, groups and parties established “Save Women” Civic Committee which prepared a draft bill to guarantee an access to abortion, contraception, sexual education and respectful care during childbirth and miscarriage. A Committee was established on 24th July and has three months to collect at least 100 000 signatures and the draft law to ensure that the law will be debated in the Polish Parliament.