We are gathering for a protest on Wednesday, 14 June at 18:00 pm in the Warsaw Old Town (in front of the Mikołaj Kopernik statue). Join us! More info HERE.


Dorota died on May 24, 2023. She was five months pregnant. She came to the hospital ward with oligohydramnios. Instead of treating Dorota and saving her from sepsis, the nurses told her to lie with her legs up, because this was supposed to help restore the amniotic fluid. Dorota complained of a headache and the level of inflammatory markers in her body was increasing. She started vomiting. Dorota spent the last days of her life lying with her legs up. When the fetus was declared dead at 5:20 in the morning, doctors from the John Paul II Hospital, instead of saving Dorota’s life, called the regional consultant in order to have a cover-up.
Dorota was qualified for surgery only after a consultation with prof. Hubert Huras, the regional consultant in the field of gynecology and obstetrics on May 24 at 7:30 am. Meaning there were two hours of waiting and sentencing Dorota to death. Dorota died at 9:39 am.
Dorota from Nowy Targ is dead because termination of pregnancy in order to prevent sepsis was not considered and the symptoms of sepsis were ignored.
Dorota from Nowy Targ is dead because she lay with her feet up for three days while suffering from oligohydramnios, as she had been told that maybe the waters would return.
Dorota from Nowy Targ is dead because she was lied to. They lied to her and her family. No one told them that in the 20th week of pregnancy, oligohydramnios means there’s practically no chance of a live birth and a high risk to her life and health.
Dorota from Nowy Targ is dead because the Polish anti-abortion law kills and turns doctors into political minions instead of experts in health protection. Dorota is dead because the doctors do not rebel.
Where there is no legal abortion women die in hospitals, because medical staff, instead of saving our lives and health, waits until the regional consultant comes to work and graciously allows for the procedure to be performed. So that you can shift the responsibility onto someone else.
How many times will we write “I am not an incubator!” on cardboards???
How many more times will we have to write “we want doctors, not missionaries!”???
How many more will die because of prioritizing fetuses in medicine, law, and politics?
How many more mothers will lose their daughters?
How many more children will lose their mothers?
How many more husbands and partners will lose their wives and partners?
Haven’t enough of us died yet?

Here is a map of protests happening tomorrow all over Poland: