The Federation for Women and Family Planning is a non-governmental organization established in 1991 to fight for sexual and reproductive health and rights. Together with the Federation’s Legal Assistance Team we monitor the access to abortion, contraception, and sexual education.

In controlling the current situation, first and foremost we pay attention to the lack of implementation and therefore fictitious character of the 1993 Act on Family Planning, Human Embryo Protection, and the Conditions of Permissibility of Abortion. As part of monitoring the observance of women’s sexual and reproductive rights in Poland, we keep track of changes to the following legals acts: the Act on Patient’s Rights and Patient’s Rights Ombudsman, the Act on Pharmaceutical Law, the Act on Professions of Doctor and Dentist, the Criminal Code Act, the Act on Publicly Funded Health Care Services, and the Act on cash benefits under social insurance in the event of sickness or maternity; and we draft reports on them.